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Image of the three books in The Books of Alexandrea trilogy

JH Nadler,
author of
The Books of Alexandrea trilogy

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The Books of Alexandrea is an older-YA/adult contemporary fantasy trilogy:All women once had magic.
Until one man found he could steal it for himself.

For millennia, he and his followers have collected all the magic,
torturing it from women, locking it away in Books,
hiding it in a vast, secret Library, where they alone control it.
They believe they have made the world safer.
They believe women could not be trusted with their power.

A few among them want magic returned to women.
They are desperately willing to sacrifice anything to empty the Library of all its magic.

One young woman, Alexandrea Hawthorne, is the key to taking magic back.

Jason was the quiet and weird kid always looking out the window.
He was actually drifting in deep space, thrusters damaged, air running low.
Preparing for the next hostile alien interrogation when his teacher called on him.

He grew up in Commack, Long Island. Its vanished places inspired fictional locations.
The old foundation at Sunshine Acres is hidden under thorny vines.

As an adult, he became a volunteer firefighter, which shocked everyone.
Terrified of heights and passing out at the sight of blood, Jason challenged himself to overcome his fears.
He became a First Lieutenant, was a certified First Responder, and High Point Award recipient multiple times.
He left the service to follow his passion and become a writer.

When he's not writing, he can usually be found at one of the many beautiful wineries
on the North Fork of Long Island.
He lives on the North Fork with his wife and two insanely co-dependent cats, Coco and CJ,
who helped inspire The Books of Alexandrea.

Website ©2023 JH Nadler

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Website ©2023 JH Nadler